My approach

Emotional – Physical – Spiritual Self

Connecting with your emotional, physical and spiritual self

My coaching approach stands apart from traditional practices, as I have enriched it by infusing the principles of Argentine Tango in place of conventional counseling, therapy, and coaching principles.

Typically, practitioners engage with the client on the intellectual level about the issues they have presented. Although it can be helpful in bringing new insights and gaining more understanding, often it is not enough to create a transformational impact on their lives.

In order to dance skillfully on our own and with our partner, it is essential to fully connect with our core, encompassing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. I integrate this principle into my coaching practice.

In our sessions, you’ll notice that at times, we will focus on gaining clarity and understanding, while other times we’ll engage in a more creative and intuitive, heart-centered work. Some sessions may resemble a meditation practice, guiding you towards relaxation, connection and deeper insights.

Tailoring my approach to each client, we tap into the wisdom of their body, harness the power of imagination, healthy memories, values, and inner knowing. We may also incorporate elements of nature, energy, and other modalities. In our first session together, you will discover the modality that resonates most with you.

As opposed to focusing on what’s bad, I help my clients awaken positive resources within them. As a result, and with my guidance, they are able intuitively figure out how they need to communicate, what actions to take, and which direction to go.

Another principle of Argentine Tango is to bring yourself fully to the dance, with care and attentive presence. As a relationship coach, I am here to hold space and to help you witness your inherent greatness and potential for healing.

During our sessions together, we will follow a structured process:

  • We will begin by set an intention for the session.
  • Our time will be dedicated to understand what is hard for you and how we can make it easier.
  • We will delve into finding out parts of yourself that can empower and help you heal.
  • We will explore the modalities that can help you connect with your heart and inner being. Modalities refer to the way you resonate with the information you receive. To illustrate, some people are auditory, while others have a need to connect with their body and others are more visual.
  • Over the course of 6 sessions (recommended) you will discover natural healing practices tailored uniquely to you which you can apply daily.
  • We will end coaching session with reflection and a practice that helps integrate experience, knowledge and action.

If this sounds good, get in touch with me so we can arrange a discovery session to find out how we can work together.

Dance in Conversation

I believe meaningful conversations build and transform communities.

Over the last year, I have been organizing and moderating online discussions with a strong focus on personal growth and connection.

Topics include love, connection with your partner, presence and therapeutic possibilities of tango. From small, intimate discussions all the way to conversations that have attracted more than 100 participants, these events have fed my soul and my understanding of the challenges involved in growing as individuals, couples and collectives.

Visit Dance in Conversation site to find more.

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If you’d like to know me, and would like to exchange your thoughts before booking an appointment, feel free to drop me an instant message in the chat. I’d be happy to start a conversation and answer any questions you have.