My approach

tango – energy – conversations

Connecting with our emotional
and physical self

My approach working with couples is shaped by the way tango has influenced my personal development and growth. What do I mean by that?

At the core of my approach, it is essential that in my work I help you get in touch with your needs. Our needs are individual and shaped by our life experiences, but life challenges take over and as we lose touch with them, we can lose touch with our inner voice. There are several ways to bring those needs back to our awareness and one of them is by talking practice. This is the way that most therapists and coaches use it. However, I strongly believe in mind and body connection.

For a while, I have been coaching clients by having conversations, but as a tango dancer, I realised that something very important was missing. I soon started leading relationship workshops where into a regular group coaching session I would also bring subtle movement. The striking effect that it had on people was evident just in 2 hours. People were coming with deep insights that set them up on a journey of relationship awareness.

During my journey dancing and teaching tango, I found that there isn’t just one way of helping people. In my practice, I found that although a conversation can give intellectual insights and bring new understanding, it’s often not sufficient to shift unhelpful relationship patterns. In order to achieve that, we need to connect with ourselves, not just on an intellectual but also on an emotional level. 

Different mindfulness practices including dancing Argentinian tango, meditating or doing physical mindful activities have got elements in them that help us to connect with our emotional and physical self which eventually gives us a deeper awareness of ourselves. This where we can really achieve significant changes in our relationship.

An example of a series of sessions that you may experience with me would have the following scenario:

  • We will find out what your relationship goals are
  • We will discover what may be the barriers to achieving these goals 
  • We will dedicate time to understand each of your perspectives 
  • To gain a deeper understanding, we’ll be using creative mindful practices, similar to meditation. Often it will involve connecting with your body
  • We will discuss what you have discovered through these practices 
  • I will be able to give you practical tools that you can use to create the shift in your relationship
  • At this point, you may also be able to suggest your own strategies, as a result of the insight you gained during the practices

If this resonates with you, get in touch with me, so we can arrange a consultation session to find how I can help you.

Dance in Conversation

I believe meaningful conversations build and transform communities.

Over the last year, I have been organizing and moderating online discussions with a strong focus on personal growth and connection.

Topics include love, connection with your partner, presence and therapeutic possibilities of tango. From small, intimate discussions all the way to conversations that have attracted more than 100 participants, these events have fed my soul and my understanding of the challenges involved in growing as individuals, couples and collectives.

Visit Dance in Conversation site to find more.

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