Open up for the possibilities for connection.

My mission is to help individuals and couples connect with their heart so that they can heal and be empowered to take positive actions towards their existing or future relationships.

Ieva Kelpsaite

As a relationships coach I work with people from all walks of life and at different stages of their relationship.

As a couple, you may seek to enhance your communication, so it releases tension and brings deeper understanding of each other along with stronger connection. Alternatively, if you’re navigating the next chapter in your life following the end of your previous relationship, you maybe looking for support in healing pain and finding new direction, certainty, and hope for the future.

At the essence of my coaching approach, I guide clients to connect with their emotions while activating creative parts of their inner selves. Through this process my clients uncover self-love and inner wisdom which becomes source of strength, compassion and their ability to engage in an authentic and connecting self-expression with both themselves and others.

Often individuals seek relationship coaching wanting for their partner to change. Yet, as they develop a deeper connection with themselves, their partner naturally begins to respond differently. Similarly with clients who have experienced heartbreak feel empowered to let go, find forgiveness, courage, and hope for moving forward.

Personally, I view relationship skills much like the art of Argentine tango. The quality of our dance depends entirely on our connection with our core, which encompasses our ability to engage with our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Just as in the tango, these elements play a fundamental role in our relationships and communication.

My story

How I am different from other relationship professionals?

My approach

I hold space for a conversation and my role is to activate your inner resources l, so you can find your unique path to move forward.

Discussing certain topics can be challenging. Don’t worry. I’ll start our session with practices and tools designed to create a comfortable and safe space to express yourself. To illustrate, we often begin with a relaxation exercise to ease into our session.