Connect with your loved one.

My mission as a relationship coach is to help couples enrich their lives with joy, love and connection with one another and bring quality of life regardless of everyday challenges.

Ieva Kelpsaite

I work with couples to help them to address different challenges in their relationship including:  

Communication issues, cultural differences, lack of trust for one another, lack of reciprocity in meeting each other’s needs, the pressure of external circumstances that seem to affect the relationship, lack of connection and intimacy, and lack of direction and many more. 

Being in the relationship myself, I am aware of the challenges that couples face, especially at this time. To me, the happiest couples are not the ones who rarely experience difficulties, but the ones, who skilfully overcome them together as they know how to. 

From my experience, building stable, harmonious relationships takes developing certain skills, that everybody can learn. Your ability to create fulfilling relationships lies in your dedication to move through sometimes painful experiences, recover from them, ask questions, inquire without judgement, understand your own needs so you can communicate them to your partner, to listen and meet your partner at their level. Investing in learning those skills will allow you to overcome present and future challenges as you’ll have the tools and resources you can use at any time. 

For me personally, relationship skills are much like dancing Argentinian tango. On the dance floor, couples develop abilities that can be applied in their relationships. These abilities are powerful tools that can help them gain deeper connection, understanding and presence with one another.

My story

How I am different from other relationship professionals?

My approach

I hold space for conversation and my role is to activate resources that you have in you, so you can find your unique path in resolving the issues between the two of you. 

Very often we feel hopeless as we think that we can’t change another person. But actually, as we change, the other person often responds to us differently too. 

Somethings it is not easy to talk about. Don’t worry. I’ll start my sessions with practices and tools that make you feel at ease and relaxed, so you feel safe to express yourself freely. For example, you often find that we’ll start the session with meditation or a special mindful practice.