About Relationships

 with Ieva 



How I became a relationship coach? 

It all began almost 7 years ago when I took my first Argentine tango class. The more I learnt about tango, the more I realised how many invaluable tools and technique I gained for communicating with my partner in life while I was learning to do so on the dance floor.

Tango practice taught me that my body is a vehicle to find my true self. The more time I spent dancing and being in my body, the more I was understanding myself and the space in between with the other. This allowed me to heal unhealthy relationship patterns and create new ones, both in tango, and in life.

Learning to be more present and less judgmental to myself and to others, letting go of ideas, exercising curiosity are among many other skills I’ve gained through tango. These are central to nurturing our relationships and overcoming challenges in life.  

I am a qualified relationship coach and help couples to find their way back into love. My approach and practice is inspired by tango as well as advanced relationship coach training that I’ve done with wonderful teachers Magali & Mark Peysha. 



    I coach individual couples in a conversation online. 

    You may feel overwhelmed and restricted during the time of the pandemic. Managing personal and professional life in the same space, ensuring financial security etc can present challenges in your relationships.

    Coaching is a conversation with intention to activate your own personal powers. It is not aimed to force you do anything against your will or change you, but instead help you become aware of yourself, so you feel empowered to take the right cause of actions in your relationship.

    Although actual events are not taking place currently, if you’d like to find out about tango as a tool to enhance your relationship join a friendly community below. 



    Reconnect with your loved one

    Imagine a scenario where instead of being stuck, battling in arguments or worse – silence, you are able to find a common ground. You are clear how to move forward and are ready to take positive actions that meets both of your needs. The challenges you overcame deepened your connection and you feel joy and passion for each other. You have a strong new vision for your relationship it makes you feel excited about your future together.