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How I became a relationship coach? 

It all began when 4 years ago I took a tango class. The more I learnt about tango, the more I realised the vastness that this sensual dance has to offer. It took me to a different journey a gentle enquiry into myself. I got to know that the way I move in a quiet presence of the other, is the way I am in my interactions with people and close relationships. As if I’m looking at a mirror showing me what I’m missing, where I could be better, how the other responds to my limits or goodness, how can I understand the other better too, where can I find resources to create that goodness in me and in the other?
Tango has allowed me to grow as a human being, expanding my capacity to love, and be with others better as I got to know myself. With that, my purpose has become to help people find peace and harmony with each in their relationship and grow together taking this gentle approach.

What I do? 

  • I create special events for couples where they can experience greater connection with each other and spend quality time and have fun.
  • I offer private coaching sessions for couples.


Take care of

your relationship

‘It’s not easy to live life in this day and age. You get overwhelmed with social pressure of what you should do, and how you should be, in the world where options are too great to know what’s best. You are in search what feels like home, but don’t know where to find it.
Suppose you fast-forward to your future, to the end of your life. You are taking a glance at your life evaluating everything that you have achieved, what you created or lost, people that you have in your life and those who are gone. And yet the most pressing question is if you felt loved and if you were able to share the love with others. This is your home and will never cease to lose its value. So if you are craving to create more connection with your loved one, but don’t know where to start, have a look at my events for inspiration.

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Reconnect with your loved one

It may take a lot of courage for you to take the first step, but if you are willing, things can turn around in a way you have not expected.


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