Is this right for me? 

As my approach is unique and creative (as a tango dancer and teacher I’d like to remain creative in all of my endeavours), you might be encountering something different in our working. There is no requirement though that you are familiar with Argentinian tango as this in no way is a tango class. In my practice I simply use concepts of learning that I borrowed from Argentine tango that helps us achieve results and is effective.

If you are a dancer, or you know Argentine tango well, then this will simply be a commonality between you an me that we can tab into. If so, I maybe able to use tango metaphors that you are familiar with so dancing experience is relatable to our daily life. 

I have worked with tango and non-tango couples and it has been wonderful to see how well applicable my method is. 

Can you relate to any similar scenarios?

A couple who is quite new together. They each have their families from the past, but they found themselves in a new stage of life. They have learnt their mistakes, but now realising that being together is not easy even if loves is there. They want to be together, but struggle to find a mutual understanding from which to grow and develop their love, They have been dancing tango together, but they found that learning to dance, something that they enjoy dearly, is not as easy either. Their learning together only escalates arguments, so they both try to limit learning and dancing tango with each other for the sake of harmony of their relationship. They both feel that without tango in it’s fulness they are missing something important in their relationship. 

A married couple who comes from a different cultural backgrounds. They have family together, the love is there, but they are constantly arguing because of extended family issues. The pandemic has brought some extra burden, in that one of them has lost their job and with that social connection with other people. The focus has been drawn to the children and family issues that they are both facing every day. They both feel restricted and not able to find solution at this time. They do want to feel more connection with each other and stop the arguments. 

A mature couple who has got business and family  together. Because of the pandemic, they have lost most of their regular business, and they are struggling to find extra way of making their living. They are in the constant pressure and arguments about who needs to do what the well-being of the family. It is hard to manage family and the deteriorating business at the same time. Because they have so much pressure, they also feel that whatever they are doing now for their business is not working well either, as they can’t give to it the same though and attention as they could have in regular circumstances. They are worried about the family and the loss they have experienced so far. They would like to find a way to release the tension and find creative solutions to their business, to keep it going even during the pandemic. They also want to restore peace in the family as at the moment their children are hearing constant arguments every day. 

Testimonial:  We loved working with Ieva! She is a very professional and caring person who helped us finding more clarity in our relationship. She made us feel very comfortable and she gave us valuable insights on how to deepen our relationship. I particularly found interesting the techniques she uses, inspired by her passion for tango dancing. I would recommend her services to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and their relationship.