your relationship

It can only get better if you are


You may say, ‘in old days it was so good to be together now it’s gone pear-shaped’. It may take a lot of courage for you to take the first step, but if you are willing, things can turn around in a way you have not expected.

I believe in the beauty of relationship and so should you! So give it a chance to be inspired and see what it can bring.

Who is it for?

For couples who have been together for a very long time. They have been struggling a lot as they lost the quality of life, as one has got a medical condition or an injury. They feel that instead of trying to enjoy life together they are constantly living in a survival mode. Each of them is worrying about the other, their family life and what the future looks like for them as they still have got a long way to go. This programme is aimed to help them to bring back quality of life regardless of the circumstances.
For couples who have been in the relationship for a long time. They still have mutual love, respect for each other but they don’t feel the fullness of their relationship. The passion and spark is gone and they don’t know how to re-connect with each other anymore
For couples who have been together for a considerable amount of time, but they are fairly young. They created a beautiful family together, but finding time to be together with one another in a meaningful way is a hard task. Everything else seems to take priority. They are not entirely happy as they feel something is missing. They often argue about small things, and they wish they’d know how to stop that as they are starting to grow apart. They would like to give another chance for the sake of the family they built together.
For couples who have been together for a long time and have gone through difficult times together. They feel that made them grow apart. It seems they are better apart than together. They may have tried counselling but talking about things just doesn’t seem to be working. They would like to know if there is an alternative help for them.



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