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My mission as a relationship coach is to help couples enrich their lives with more joy, love and connection for one another and quality of life regardless of everyday struggles. I provide them with tools to enable them better understand each other and improve communication. To experience the fullness of life, I guide them to find their vitality, passion and enjoyment – something we can lose when overwhelmed by life’s challenges.
Working with my clients I tap into my own journey exploring body and mind connection through Tango. For me, tango is a gentle enquiry into your body, mind and soul that enables you to feel and grow as a human being. I bring its wisdom into my relationship coaching practice and I create a unique learning experience for my clients. I find that movement and touch, a kinaesthetic modality of learning, offers more powerful and faster insights than ‘talk out your problems’ practice.


I create events that bring appreciation,

connection and unique experience

for two people

What people say about their experience

“We were a bit unsure about what the evening would entail but were looking forward to something good. We liked the surroundings and charming reception. The atmosphere was very warm and we felt at ease. We experienced a greater sense of connection and felt very happy. We particularly enjoyed the dancing and reliving past memories. It enhanced what we already had. We left with a warm heart and felt more connected and enjoyed being together.”
“I felt apprehensive on my arrival, which quickly dissipated as the atmosphere felt inviting without pretentiousness. I was calm and relaxed. The activities felt like a gentle way of encouraging us to be together and connected, while still having a space to mingle in a five star venue. Through the group activity I found a new insight into the relationship and its ultimate goal. I left feeling transcendental and at peace with the world. Thank You Ieva.”
“The atmosphere was very friendly and made us feel so calm and joyful. The activities helped us to understand each other, to stay closer to each other and listen and trust your partner. We never experienced this type of activity before, so it was a good start for both of us. After the evening we realised how important it is to spend quality time together. We strongly recommend this excellent evening to yourself and loved ones. We left the evening more open-minded.”

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