How I am different from other relationship professionals?

My approach working with couples is shaped by the way tango has influenced my personal development and growth. What do I mean by that? 

At the core of my approach, it is essential that in my work I help you get in touch with your needs. Our needs are individual and shaped by our life experiences, but life challenges takes over and as we lose touch with them, we can lose touch with our inner voice. There are several ways to bring those needs back to our awareness and one of them is by talking practice. This is the way that most therapists and coaches use. However, I strongly believe in mind and body connection. 

For a while I have been coaching clients by having conversations, but as tango dancer, I realised that something very important was missing. I soon started leading relationship workshops where into a regular group coaching session I would also bring subtle movement. The striking effect that it had on people was evident just in 2 hours. People were coming with deep insights that set them up on a journey of relationship awareness.  

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Why consider mind & body connection?  

We are also socially wired to think, but less so to be or feel. By intellectualising we speak with only one part of our brain. But we are also an emotional being and our behaviours, motives are closely linked with our emotions. Talking practice helps us engage our intellectual brain, whereas embodied practice can help us reach our emotional brain. As we tab into our emotional self though such practice, we can find the inner voice that speaks as a whole, not half. 

Why consider mind & body connection? 

Why consider mind & body connection? 

Why this approach effective? 

Tango, or any embodied practice can help you to get in touch with your self and you needs, that we discussed earlier. As you become more aware of your body, you also become aware of your true self. As we tab into our emotional self though any intentional embodied practice we can find the inner voice that speaks for us as a whole. An example of embodied practice can be as simple as conscious breathing, scanning your body with a particular intention, using an imaginary embodiment, all of which I’ve learnt from argentine tango.

As we get in touch with this voice and we find how to communicate our needs to each other, our relationship gains more clarity which guides us to find solution to our problems. 

What to expect from my online coaching session?

During our first discovery session we will discuss what exactly you would like to achieve, or how you would like to feel in your relationship. 

When we start our coaching sessions, I will be using 3 key processes to help you get the desired results. 


Very often couples come with a specific problem that they want to resolve, but it is important that we gain new language, new skills, new perspectives before we get into problem solving part. It is important that you feel relaxed, grounded and have the right mindset for the work that we’ll be doing next. The focus of this part is to help you release any tensions in your mind and your body. 


This is a coaching conversation with an intention to activate your personal powers and resources in you that you may not have been aware of.  In this process I will be using a creative  techniques to help you to get in touch with your needs. Both of you will be developing conscious understanding and emotional language that will help you communicate with each other differently. Participating together you will be able to learn about each other in a new way and expanding your perspective. 

Gaining clarity 

This is a further conversation to gain more details using the language that we have already developed in the activation stage. It is a powerful process in which you’ll see how speaking about the issues with the new skills will give you access to a different perspective. You will be able to see what you both can do to approach the issue in a way that meets both of your needs and is in alignment with your true self. 

During these sessions I will be using different methods and techniques including music, story telling combined with body awareness etc. The idea is that you get into the flow of creative process and that you are able to approach the problem in a unique way. It is important to me, that you not only get the results you seek, but you also enjoy your journey. I’ve learnt from tango that enjoyment is such an important part of our journey as it keeps us motivated and wanting to develop more.