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How does it work?

My programme involves movement/body work as well as coaching to help couple to communicate and express themselves better, connect on a deeper lever, heal and feel more vitality in their lives.
This is not a tango class, but a much deeper experience that taps into the wisdom of our body, and feelings that we hold in our body.
My programme consists of 5 key elements (these are the essence of tango) that go beyond the actual dancing technique or steps. I simply use tango practices to unlock any tension and heal.

I invite you to get to know more

about those 5 elements.



Caring Presence


5 Key elements of Tango


It’s often very difficult to start communicating with each other in an honest and genuine way. Openness practice will help you to experience a deep relaxation so that opening up and being honest will feel safe and much easier than before.

Feeling your need met

We all have needs and when those needs are not met, it triggers different emotional reactions and behaviours in us. This practice will allow you to recognise your need and feel your need met. This kind of feeling creates a healing experience as any numbness or stiffness that you were holding onto starts to dissolve. You slowly will be able to let go whatever is holding you back.

Caring presence

The sense of caring presence of the other person (your other half) and the music has got an effect of deep relaxation. It takes away any worries, thoughts, the existence of past and the future. It’s just you, the other and the presence. It feels like meditation, the difference is that it’s a meditation in connection with the other. In this practice you will learn how to be present for one another and how to listen to each other. And what can happen when you truly listen.


In a space where you feel the other is caring and responding to your needs, you will naturally be able to give back in the same way. When you both start responding to each other with love and care, a deep connection develops. Connection builds trust, deeper understanding, wanting to care more, and love. In a romantic sense, it will re-ignite the spark and feeling fullness of life.


When both of you create a connection that is based on mutual understanding and knowing how to care for each other, what’s left is to enjoy what you have. Specific movement to the music adds to the experience and creates a feeling of joy. Now you know that you can access this state of mind anytime you want.

All key element practices will be accompanied by a coaching session in which we will talk and explore what you felt and how does it translate into your relationship with each other.

Then you are ready to bring these feelings, and learnt wisdom into your everyday life!

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